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  1. Vilar 2 years ago

    I love to suck and ride your big hard dick all day and all night long.…….

  2. Meztijar 2 years ago

    how the fuck did i do that

  3. Juk
    Juk 2 years ago

    currently in the U.S. about half of all working people do not pay income tax. many i have talked with on this site have lobbied for free college and even Medicare for everyone. do you think it is time that we tax a bigger portion of the working population in the U.S. in order to fund these programs? why not tax at least 85 of those working?

  4. Totilar 2 years ago

    Not only will I eat that pussy. I'd eat that ass before I dick it. If it's totally clean and safe.

  5. Samukazahn
    Samukazahn 2 years ago

    k onda te presto mi putita y me prestas la tulla.k dises.y te la mando llena de lechita.

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