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  1. Guran
    Guran 1 week ago

    I'd like to let you in on a little secret, if you feel bad about a girl's body, and try to compensate for your own negative feelings about her body by blostering her, she will eventually figure it out. Usually people don't want to be with people that feel sorry for them for some reason or another.

  2. Gobar
    Gobar 1 week ago

    Ami me gustan tus nalgas

  3. Gardara
    Gardara 1 week ago

    ROFL. My entire point was that the Liberals COULD have chosen to cancel it, as it was well within their power to do so. You claimed that because Harper signed the deal, it was out of their hands. Clearly, this isn't the case, yet you've argued your point all day.

  4. Yotaxe 1 week ago

    kolko bacaЕЎ iz benДЌa ljudno?

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