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  1. Voodoojas 2 years ago

    So you remember the horrific pain of your circumcision? I have never met a male who does. And that's the point. If it is done at birth there is no memory of any pain. The one's that I have witnesses (which were ritual are done with some wine on the lips of the infant, a 5 second or so yell or cry and then back to normal, especially when they are handed to the mother. The fact that there is some fleeting pain is irrelevant. Try and remember the first time you fell and skinned your knee. You went crying to mom or dad who patched you up and you went right back out running on the sidewalk where you fell. I bet you might even remember that but it made no difference. We tolerate pain. You make it sound like we actually torture the infant for a long period of time as to make it traumatic. It is very far from the truth.

  2. Nisho
    Nisho 2 years ago

    Estas como para cojer te

  3. Vudokazahn 2 years ago

    best vid iv ever seen

  4. Mazuktilar 2 years ago

    she does indeed! who wouldn't with two hot stunners like us haha

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