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  1. Tojaramar 7 months ago

    are you joking, or you truly don't know who he is?

  2. Yokree 7 months ago

    My stepson’s mom moved to take a higher paying job. She certainly underestimated be situation when when it came to her relationship with her son. I think that she assumed when faced with her leaving town, he’d choose to go with her (he didn’t) and she under played the distance. She was faced with a long round trip on Friday after work and Sunday to return him. Then there’s those pesky kid activities on Saturday, so she’d drive on Saturday, watch the game, take him home after only to turn around ad repeat the next day. The visits dwindled and she became less and less relevant. Add to the fact that he’s a teen, into his own stuff, it’s not a great situation for a parent. The only solution I see is for her to move back. Short of that, make the time they do have count.

  3. Gardarisar
    Gardarisar 7 months ago

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  4. Kigul 7 months ago

    Hit me up anytime you wish. Would love to chat and see what we can arrange.

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